What You Can Earn

The earning potential as a Flutter franchisee is great! Once you are fully booked, seeing an average of 4 clients per day, 5 days a week, you can earn in excess of £56,000 profit. This is your takings after paying all your overheads; i.e. your management service fee to Flutter petrol costs and stock.

The Flutter franchise opportunity is a proven business model. Franchisee Vicky Evans (Franchise Territory – Sheffield), earned back her initial investment to set up her business, in the first 6 months. She achieved in excess of £27,000 by the end of her first year.

Franchisee Chelsea Lewis (Franchise Territory – Northwest London) smashed her target of £30,000 and achieved a total turnover of £55,000 in her first year!

Start up Package

Start up costs from £9875 depending on area chosen. Due to the strength of the Flutter business model both Lloyds TSB and Natwest have agreed to lend up to 70% of the initial investment. This means a Flutter business can be started with as little as £2,963.

1 month advanced training programme

  • Comprehensive lash kit
  • Portable beauty light
  • Lightweight, extra wide massage bed
  • iPhone
  • Tom Tom
  • Uniform
  • Branding of vehicle
  • Exclusive area to trade in
  • Launch and promotion exclusively for your territory
  • Joining fee

*The figures given do not constitute either a forecast or a guarantee or form part of any contractual offer. Furthermore, the sales and profit achievement of a Flutter franchise will not only relate to its individual territory and customer profile but also very much to the performance of the Franchisee. Your Accountant will prepare detailed Sales and Profit & Loss projections, which may be lower or higher than the illustrations provided.