Flutter Advantages

What Flutter will do for you:

Flutter will grant you:

  • The right to trade under the well known Flutter name
  • 6 days initial training over a month
  • Flutter approved products at preferential rates
  • Comprehensive Operations Manual
  • An exclusive territory
  • Launch Package including letterheads and business cards
  • Marketing and promotional support nationally and locally
  • Proven business systems
  • Inclusion on the Flutter web site
  • Lead generation
  • Day to Day advice

The best aspects about Flutter

  • Joining the acknowledged experts
  • Flutter intends to grow nationwide and you will be in on the ground floor
  • You can be flexible in how and when you work
  • A business that has status, until recently only available to an exclusive audience
  • Very strong national press coverage
  • Your working day should be fun. Helping clients to feel more beautiful is heart-warming
  • Regular repeat business

The help and support you can expect
We know how to make things work

  • Perfect and comprehensive training
  • Business start up support
  • Comprehensive and ongoing training
  • Fully integrated systems and communications package
  • In field support and business development
  • Marketing updates
  • Administration and accounts back up
  • Central client booking system including administration and accounts back up