Welcome to Flutter Eyes Franchise

Flutter eyelash extensions are a new and exciting beauty service that accentuates the natural beauty of a client’s eyes with lash enhancements that have weeks of staying power, add length, thickness and lustre to the eyelashes. They are applied in the comfort and privacy of a client’s own home! Clients like this and so do we as it allows us a greater flexibility of available treatment times.

Lashes are applied one by one to the natural eyelash giving up to 200% more volume and length. The lashes are semi-permanent, lasting the full natural lash cycle and can be maintained with regular ‘top-up’ appointments.

They provide a stunning curl and flawless “mascara-like finish” as well as being waterproof.

Flutter was chosen as the exclusive lash brand in the Urban Retreat at Harrods since November 2009.

Now you can be part of this fantastic success story by becoming a mobile Flutter consultant.